1. Gf (Gary Houston) SGML to LaTeX

2. Htex (Toby Thurston) HTML to LaTeX

3. HTML2LaTeX (Davide Cervone & Jeffrey Schaefer, Geometry Center) A Perl script for converting HTML into LaTeX

4. HTML2LaTeX (Nathan Torkington) A C-program relying on the HTML parser of the NCSA Mosaic HTML browser.

5. HTML2LaTeX (Peter Thatcher) A Perl script for converting HTML into LaTeX

6. HTML2TeX (Frans J. Faase) C macros for converting from HTML 2 to LaTeX

7. JadeTeX (Sebastian Rahtz) SGML to TeX using DSSSL Formatting Objects and the Jade program of James Clark

8. Passive TeX (Sebastian Rahtz) XML to LaTeX using XSL Formatting Objects

9. SGML2TeX (Peter Flynn) A PCL (Personal Computer Language, an interpreted language for DOS) program

10. TeXML (Doug Lovell) A JAVA translator from TeXML-conforming XML into TeX.

11. TypeHTML (David Carlisle) HTML to LaTeX

12. XMLTeX (David Carlisle) A system for typesetting XML files with TeX.

13. Writer2LaTeX (Henrik Just) A Java application for translation OpenOffice documents into LaTeX

14. Brute Force